Our History

The Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization was established in 1963 to improve the quality of life and assure the optimal development of children and their families in Ward 5, Washington, DC. Originally founded as the Woodridge Pioneers by Nathaniel Briscoe with the support of Chauncey Lyles and Mason Clark, the organization was formed to support the Pioneers football, baseball, basketball, track and boxing teams. In the beginning, Woodridge was an informal group of adult volunteers worming with youth participating in all of the aforementioned sports.

Over the years, the organization evolved and by 1975 the club was known as the Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization (WWYO). In 1999, WWYO was incorporated as a non- profit organization in the District of Columbia and recognized by the Federal Government as a tax- exempt 501(c) 3 entity.

WWYO currently has seven football teams, eight basketball teams, and eight baseball teams, in addition to our cheerleading squads. Our programs serve boys and girls aged 5 to IS years. Currently we have 450 1‹ids from throughout the city, participating in one or more of our programs. We pride ourselves in serving any interested children, never excluding a player because they are unable to pay. In some instances, WWYO families come together to cover registi-ation fees for these players, while the organization waives fees for many others.

Consequently, our dynamic community based program requires significant volunteer support and financial donations to stay operational.

We are asking all of the Woodridge Warrior/Pioneer family (especially our alumni), friends and supporters to assist this group of young men in getting to Florida to represent and compete in the AYF National Championship “1’ournament. These young men and their coaches worlied hard through the heat of the summer and through the ups and downs of the regular season to earn the right to go to Florida. The Woodridge Warrior Youth Organization (WWYO) is proud of their tenacity, their character and their accomplishments. So we ask that you donate whatever you can, as soon as you can, to help our boys represent WWYO and our city on the national stage. You can donate to our Go Fund Me page, or you can contact us and we’ll be happy to come to you. Your donation is tax deductible and support is greatly appreciated! Go Pee Wees!

Go Warriors!